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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's starting to fill in. water temperatures are very warm. sunny and warmer. patchy fog. upper 80s to near 90. so near average for almost all of these temps. i want to mention -- if you are coming into san francisco it should take you eight minutes or less from this point to cross all the way to the san francisco side of the bridge. we are looking at a live picture of interstate 880 in oakland. you can see traffic here in both directions is off to a good start. some of the road work that was there has been picked up. i want to update a sig alert. we have been seeing lane closures. if you are driving through the area, there could be some delays because of a big brush fire on highway 160 near state route 12. at 5:00, let's go back to the desk. new this morning guess what bart is back on track after a
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major problem that stranded thousands of east bay commuters. tara moriarty is joining us live at the pleasant hill bart station to tell us what went wrong and how it has been fixed. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. bart officials earlier this morning announced that service is restored to normal on the pittsburg bay point line. while they won't say exactly what prompted this problem to begin with, they will say a thorough investigation is done. sometime shortly after 5:00 last night trains were being single tracked past walnut creek. that is when a piece of a train wheel was found on the damaged tracks just north of the pleasant held station. bart ordered a complete shut down of service between walnut creek and concord. >> this is all because of a damaged rail and damaged trackway. we had a train that somehow got out of service and caused some sort of damage to both trackway and the third rail at an interlocking and it was at a place that is called a cross
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over which impacts both tracks. >> reporter: it took more than an hour for limited service to be restored in the commute direction heading east. some of the people were forced off the trains and bart did provide free buses but the parking lot was a mess. luckily things will be running smuttily again this-- running smoothly again this morning. this is the first day back to school in napa since sunday's earthquake. katie utehs is live outside napa high school this morning. you say the schools have been serving another purpose during the early stages of this cleanup. >> reporter: schools have been dump sites for debris from the quake but just within the last half hour we saw crews dump up -- drop off an additional dumpster so that all of this debris, this massive pile of debris can be cleared out of here so students don't come into contact with it. here's a look at the mess
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inside the school. file cases knock everyday and books strewn everywhere. during the last two-day closure students and teachers have picked up and engineers have deemed the school safe. with the exception to the one closer to the epicenter. the superintendent made the announcement the schools were open yesterday afternoon. >> elementary and middle schools have a regular early release. all the high schools will be on the regular full day schedule. >> reporter: the district serves some 18,000 students. some of them like napa high football team pitched in with the cleanup efforts and the soccer team competed last night. so getting back to school, sports, and other normal activities is likely a welcomed thing here in the valley but the cleanup work is necessary. so as we said crews have dropped off two additional
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dumpsters at this location so they can scoop this into the dumpsters. there is a large backhoe out here to begin that work. it's unlikely that would be cleaned up by the time schools open around first bell is 8:00 a.m. here at napa high. coming up in our next report, i will have those new dump site locations where people can still take earthquake debris after their move from the school. 400 homes don't have water. in this browns valley neighborhood people are using anything they have to get by. one man says yeah, they are using water from their pool. >> they have garbage cans in the back of the truck filling it up with water to run their toilets.
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>> now many homes in browns valley are also red tagged. for people without water they have set up two filling stations. they are on pearl street. east bay mud is one of several outside agencies coming in to help repair broken water mains. napa public work resources are overwhelmed. over crews that are helping out include the alameda county water district and the contra costa water district. there is a very important warning tied to the big quake in napa. watch out for unlicensed contractors. the california department of insurance and other state agencies are passing out fliers in the napa area warning homeowners to make sure you check for contractor licenses before you hire somebody to make repairs. it is a felony for unlicensed contractors to do contract work in a disaster area. earthquake coverage continues on our channel 2 website. we have a special section with
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the latest information on the damage and the recovery efforts. z the water is back on this morning in a san francisco neighborhood but that is after a water main broke yesterday. the pipe ruptured in knowy valley. water gushed down the street for more than seven hours. crews needed to find out exactly what broke and where before they could fix it. they did dig up asphalt that has been stalled only a year ago. neighbors say their biggest concern was how much water was being lost. >> just kind of unfortunate to have all of this water being wasted. so i grabbed buckets and tried to capture as much as i could. >> think there are 12,000 miles of pipes running underneath the city. some of them are more than 110 years old. the city replaces 15 miles of pipe every year. your time is 5:06. big water users in san francisco like universities and shopping centers. they are facing tough new penalties if they don't cut
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back on outdoor water use. the new rules start october 1st. this effects water customers in san francisco that have separate meters for irrigation and for indoor water use. that includes large homeowners associations, san francisco state university, stones town galleria, and the recreation and parks department. if those customers do not cut back on their water use by 10%, they will see their rates double for any overage. approved a resolution making clear that four specific wasteful water practices are banned in that city. that includes filling decorative lakes or ponds or fountains. using water to wash off a sidewalk a driveway, patios, and other hard services. over watering yards to the point where water is running into the street. and washing cars, trailers or boats using a hose that doesn't have a shut off nozzle.
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the santa clara county board -- that calls for an immediate reduction of 25% by each county department. this proposal also asks for a report on water use for every department. dave cortez says if the government is asking people to water their lawns, the government needs to do its part as well during the drought. another holiday weekend closure of interstate 280 in san francisco begins tomorrow. the chp will begin shutting down all northbound lanes going in and out of the downtown area at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. now the closure will effect the stretch of interstate 280 from the 101 interchange to king street right near at & t park. the lanes are scheduled to remain closed until 5:00 tuesday morning. all southbound lanes of 280 will remain open. the southbound lanes were closed during a similar earthquake safety project during the memorial day weekend a few months ago. once again drivers head into the city are being urged to use
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public transportation. our time is 5:08. the santa clara county board of supervisors wants to crack down on illegal fire works by holding homeowners responsible. the board is asking county lawyers to come up with a set of laws and fines that will target homeowners who shoot off fire works or let others do it. you are looking at video of a tree that caught fire from illegal fire works on the fourth of july back in 2013. supervisors say right now when police respond to fire works being fired off, everyone scatters and the homeowners say they didn't know anything about it. the goal is to have a new law on the books before the next fourth of july. time is 5:09. two sisters from vallejo are among the many people turning to the red cross for help. >> i just want my son to have a place to live. i feel like i'm homeless. >> unexpected news they got after sunday's quake that makes
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their situation even worse. >> plus she strikes again. the woman known as the serial stow away made her way to another airport. coming up next find out are she was busted this time. >> and we're still looking at a commute here that looks pretty good on this wednesday as you drive into the east bay. we will tell you a little bit more about the sunol grade and the drive to the south bay. >> mostly clear out there. lows for most are running a little warmer here. afternoon highs will be there as well. we'll show you how much warmer and how long it will last.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's 5:12. isis militants have released these photos. they say they have captured from syrian government forces after five days of fighting. now the picture shows the weapons the militant thieves in the picture. its goal is to turn the area into one large islamic state. president obama has approved u.s. surveillance flights to gather intelligence on the group. showing an isis fighter killing an american journalist james foley. we're also hearing that isis militants are holding an american woman hostage. a family representative says the 26-year-old woman was doing humanitarian aid work in syria when she was abducted. meantime the american journalist released by another
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syrian extremist group over the weekend is back in the u.s.. this is a picture of peter theo curtis and his mother after he arrived at boston's logan international airport last night. he issued a statement saying he is touched by all the people who have welcomed him home. and the white house has confirmed that an american reportedly fighting with isis has been killed. 33-year-old douglas mccane of san diego died in syria over the weekend. the obama administration says mccane was about 100 americans believed to be fighting with militant groups in syria and iraq. our time is 5:14. we know the name of the pilot who's body was found after a plane crashed in novato. he was robert john mage of redwood city. he was flying from oregon to san carlos in his single engine plane on august 18th. investigators say he radio air traffic controllers he was having problems and he was going to try an emergency landing in a field.
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instead he crashed. that triggered this grass fire that burned 32 acres. the faa is still investigating the cause of that crash. she was accused of trespassing yesterday. she was found in a nonsecure area of a terminal near the baggage claim. this is the second time she was found at sky harbor airport without a ticket. last wednesday she was caught trying to get through a security check point. after that incident she claims she was putting a stop to her stow away attempts. >> it was clearly wrong on my part and i certainly don't want to do it again because i don't want to do any jail time. >> according to the san francisco chronicle she arrived in phoenix august 20th after flying there from san diego with a legitimate plane ticket.
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on august 4th she was arrested at lax after sneaking on to a southwest flight without a ticket. she was sentenced to six months in jail but she was released a couple days later because of jail over crowding. police in phoenix have asked that she have a mental health evaluation. time is 5:15. i want to check in with sal for a look at the commute. it started off pretty nicely. staying that way. >> yeah. i was reading the article about yesterday's bart outage which i saw during my off time. because a traffic reporter is never off. >> not you. i know you. >> but all service is back. on time. you probably wouldn't notice it unless you didn't have that bad taste in your mouth from being stuck on a train last night. maybe some of you. all right. i empathize. let's go and take a look at northbound 280. 280 looks good as you get up to highway 17. we are talking about rio vista this morning. there is a grass fire on 160
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near state route 12 that may cause delays in the area. not big ones. but we have pretty decent size commute heading to antioch and antioch we can expect slow traffic on highway 4. and let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza where westbound bay bridge approach still looks good getting into san francisco. steve. sal, i get the same thing. my daughter is act getting married october 10th, can you tell me the weather that day. [ laughter ] no, i'm serious. some patchy fog out there. not nearly as much as we had yesterday. monday it was right on cue. yesterday they started to make a move north into warmer temps because the low responsible for the cool down is pretty impressive. for us the fog even though yesterday had very cool lows, much cooler than we've seen in a long time. there are still a few around.
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and half-moon bay at 55. but a lot of 60s here. yesterday was a lot of 50s concord and walnut creek. that is not the case this morning. even though under mostly clear skies. a little cooler for san ramon and lafayette. everybody is about 3-4 degrees warmer. i expect that to go west in the next couple of hours. that is a sign along with clear skies the temperatures are warming up. the water temps are really warm. bodega bay is 63. it's just because we had a persistent southerly breeze. next week there are signs we might get more of a northwest. if that is the case we will see an up welling. high pressure wins out for a couple of days. it looks like into friday.
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a little bit warmer coast bay and inland. sunny and warmer. some patchy fog. north bay. marin coast more than san mateo. 90 morgan hill. 84 santa rosa. these are near average. concord livermore just slightly above. san francisco and oakland are above. temperatures on the warmer side. it won't be a heat wave or anything but it will be warm to hot. some of the higher clouds a little cooler by sunday. >> thank you. more than 300 people have filed claims with general motors over its faulty ignition switches. the claim administrator says more than one-third of the claims are from families who say the problem caused the death of a loved one. all the claims submitted still have to be verified. the s & p 500 opened at a record level. investors will be watching the
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dow closely today. it climbed to a new high of 17,153 during yesterday's closing session but couldn't hold that level. boy a bizarre deadly shooting incident that involves a child. coming up in 20 minutes the tragic ending in a firing range. a nine-year-old was being taught to shoot. >> it feels good to get back to our community after what we have been through. >> even very young people have an appreciation of what was lost during sunday's earthquake. how they are stepping in to help. ♪
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time is 5:22. students are going back to class today. that includes dublin unified, fremont unified, walnut creek unified and new haven. now in oakland this morning more than 250 kids will get backpacks and other school items. linda ham foundation is handing out the backpacks at the preparatory it will area academy of cultural excellence. the plan is to support up to 5,000 needily students this year -- needy students this year. a church in vallejo damaged by an earthquake was able to keep a long standing tradition. first baptist church has never missed a free lunch for its homeless but yesterday that meal was in jeopardy because
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the church was closed until work crews could inspect it. so they coordinated with the salvation army to bring in a 16- foot mobile canteen with over 100 meals. >> what did they serve you today? >> spaghetti. chocolate chip cookies. bread. real tomatoes. >> the mobile canteen is one of five loaned from branches around the bay area. four will stay there in napa valley to help people effected by the earthquake. some of the youngest people effected by the napa earthquake are doing their part to help the city. a group of children have organized a bake sale and lemonade stand. the money raised will help rebuild historic buildings. >> it was just so -- such a big event for this town. and there is so much -- it's just really sad. we want to give back to our community because they have done so much to help everybody.
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>> future senator there i think. she has always had an appreciation for the older buildings in the city. and wants to help rebuild them. >> very good. time is 5:24. the oakland raiders have a special connection to napa and the redwood middle school. that is where the raiders hold their training camp. this afternoon raiders hall of famer willly brown will go there. he will present a check for $50,000. the money will be shared by the school district and the red cross. the raiders will also ask fans at tomorrow's game to text and donate $10,000. the possible historic move that could help keep students safe all over california. >> napa valley schools will reopen today following a two- day closure. but getting the earthquake dumpster debris piles out of the way is a big priority
5:26 am
today. ly tell you -- i will tell you the new location for those dumpsters. >> we have a new crash reported in the east bay. i do want to show you those at the golden gate bridge looks just fine. but a new problem in san leandro all of a sudden is getting a lot of attention. >> the fog has been getting a lot of attention the last couple of days but there is far less today. only patchy fog. most of that is north of san francisco. it will be warmer today and nice by the beaches. female announcer: through labor day at sleep train,
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good morning to you. welcome back. we are live at napa high school. and look at this. they are also doubling as a dump site for earthquake debris. a lot of stuff out there. coming up katie utehs is there. she will tell you more about what the city is asking people to do as the students are heading back to school today. wednesday morning august 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. a little warmer today. >> you've been listening. >> yes, i have. >> 82 yesterday. kentfield 81-83. temperatures with a lot less fog today. that fog will burn off much sooner. the fog that cooled us down on monday is moving east. for us fog retreats pretty
5:30 am
fast. most of the coast at least south of san francisco is clear to patchy fog. a little bit warmer on the lows. 50s and 60s even on the peninsula. 53 la honda. they were 55 at this time yesterday. sunny and warmer today. two very good friends of mine. patchy fog. highs today 80s to 90s. 70s around the bay. here is sal. all right, steve, we have a new problem reported in san leandro. there is an injury crash reported right here. northbound 880. going to put the icon on the map to make it a little easier for you to see. it's right here. and traffic is going to start to slow down. the fire department and chp arriving on the scene. it's reported as a solo vehicle. let's go to live pictures. this is a look at 880 just up the road. that looks good.
5:31 am
southbound 880 looks good heading south. if you are driving approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, already a little bit of slowing in some of the cash lanes. let's go back to the desk. his is a big day in the city of napa as it continues to recover from sunday's strong earthquake. nearly all the public schools will be open again today. katie utehs is live in napa where school officials are actually asking for a little help from the community. katie. >> reporter: up until this point, the schools have been the dumpster locations for the earthquake debris but within the last hour, we saw crews drop off more dumpsters. they are not for you to use. they are so the crews can get this massive pile of debris out of the way of students who will be returning to school today. let me show you a look at the mess inside the school at napa high. file cases knocked over and books strewn everywhere. during the last two days, teachers and students have picked up and engineers have
5:32 am
deemed napa valley schools structurally safe. with the exception of stone bridge elementary. the superintendent made the announcement schools would open today. yesterday afternoon. >> all the schools have been inspected by engineers and they are safe and ready for students and staff tomorrow morning. >> reporter: in our last report i promised you the new dumpster low cases. the primary site for debris drop off will be fire station five, future location. that is the southwest corner of first street and laurel. and the las flores community center. and vacant lot on third street will also house a dumpster there. some also secondary locations as well. prez please do not bring your debris to -- please do not bring your debris to the school. it's important to get this out
5:33 am
of here for the safety of the students. it looks like there is a garbage crew arriving on scene. so they might be hopping into that backhoe and starting the daunting task of piling that into the dumpsters. we expect students in the next couple of hours or so. keep in mind as you pull up to the school, there is still quite a bit of glass and debris. hopefully they will be able to get that cleaned out of these parking lots. just be mindful of that. if you are commuting be mindful there will be more kids out on the roads. katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. meantime the red cross is very busy helping people who lost their homes. the homeless include twin sisters from vallejo who were evicted yesterday by their landlord just minutes after their damaged apartment was red tagged. the sisters drove to the red cross shelter in napa after finding out the vallejo shelter
5:34 am
had closed. >> i just want a place to live. i feel like i'm homeless. most of our family is in texas. we have some family out here, but it's just been emotional two days. >> we are approaching 400 people we have assisted. >> the red cross has hoped the vallejo shelter because so many people need a place to live. nicholas dillon described his terrifying experience from this hospital bed at uc davis medical center. the teenager says he was hosting a sleep over with a friend when they fell asleep in the living room. his friend was sleeping on the couch when that 6.0 quake hit and nicholas was sleeping near the fireplace. >> started crawling to get to the door. just when i put my right knee on the floor the chimney collapsed on my back and i stumblinged a little forward. i was screaming for my mom.
5:35 am
she fought hard trying to get to me. i couldn't feel my legs. i couldn't feel my back. >> nicholas is listed in fair condition after a ten hour surgery to repair his fractured pelvis and back. he will have to spend time in a wheelchair but he's expected to make a full recovery. tourists who plan to spend some of the labor day holiday weekend in napa are encouraged to stick with those plans. most restaurants and hotels and stores needed to clean up broken glass and mop the floors. it >> enmoose you can come up here -- it means you can come up here and enjoy the full napa experience. >> he adds more businesses will reopen throughout the week and 21 of the 24 tasting rooms in downtown napa are open now. some business owners say the best thing people can do right now to help napa recover is
5:36 am
come and spend some money. sunday's big quake in napa could speed up a seismic project for marin county. they are actively working on a to rebuild or retro fit the city's seven fire stations. the money would come from a quake safety measure. our time is 5:35. new this morning a man held his wife hostage in napa last night. he eventually let her go but then he killed herself. police were called to an apartment complex about 7:30 last night. someone reported a man was threatening to kill his wife. police say at first the husband opened the door when they knocked but then he quickly shut it. >> shortly after the door was closed, they heard a single gunshot inside the house. then they saw the wife talking to the husband inside. they were able to get the wife to leave the residence. >> ten minutes after the wife left the apartment, there was a
5:37 am
second gunshot. police spent hours trying to make contact with the husband when a swat team finally went into that apartment, they found a man dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the wife was taken to the hospital with injuries. there is no word yet if she was shot. a man is fights for his life after being shot in downtown san francisco. police say two groups exchanged gunfire just before 8:00 last night at fifth and market streets. one man was critically injured. police say he ran into the westfield mall after he was shot. several people were detained at the scene but police have not said if anyone has been arrested. anyone who witnessed the shootout is asked to call police. a woman was killed on an oakland freeway after her car was crushed under a big rig. that happened on southbound 880 near 16th avenue just after 9:00 last night. the female driver was killed and a male passenger was taken to the hospital with major injuries. the driver of the big rig
5:38 am
stopped at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. two lanes of 880 were shut down for more than an hour while chp investigated. and in benicia three people were killed in what started as a fender bender. two cars were involved in a minor collision around 3:40 yesterday afternoon. the driver later took at off ramp and lost control ending up in a ditch and hitting the wall of a drainage canal. the chp says the people killed were 76-year-old man from vacaville, and his 76-year-old wife and 78-year-old man from bay point. sandbags are being placed all along southern california beaches. it's in anticipation of more big waves triggered by hurricane marie. santa barbara's south coast they could see waves up to ten feet tall. minor coastal flooding and strong rip currents are a big
5:39 am
concern. high surf advisory is in effect through friday evening. look at the waves. but the body surfers are taking advantage of the big waves. take a look at what has happened when hurricane marie hit mexico. the waves and the high winds just rattled the coast. red warning flags now line beaches telling swimmers to stay out of the water. now this hurricane comes a week after parts of mexico was hit with heavy storms that left almost 10,000 homes either damaged, flooded, or cut off by mud slides. the giants madison baumgartner was nearly perfect last night. he was six out ace way from a perfect game at at & t park. but the colorado rockies hit a double to tie it up. but that is the only hit baumgartner would allow. all of the giants offense was provided by buster posey who hit home runs in the sixth and eighth innings. the a's no longer in first place. they lost to the houston astros
5:40 am
in houston 4-2. former a chris carter hit a three-run home run in the eighth inning to put the astros ahead. the a's are one game behind the los angeles angels but they lead the wild card race by five games. time is 5:39. another fire on vallejo mayor island. the third fire in just the past couple of weeks. coming up the two reasons investigators say this is suspicious. >> and a confusing drive to work for hundreds of commuters. after the break the reason behind the messy morning commute. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that is a little slow in some areas. highway 24 looks okay. there is a problem in san leandro. starting off mostly clear. not too much of a chill. the fog will burn off what is here today.
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welcome back. time is 5:42. a shooting instructor was killed after he was accidentally shot by a nine- year-old girl. this video you are looking at the final moments of instructor charles vaquez life. she was teaching -- he was teaching a little girl how to shoot when she accidentally hit him in the head. the little girl was at the range with her parents. camera man for the tv reality show cops was shot while responding to a police call. the camera man was hurt as police and the robber fired shots at each other.
5:44 am
the camera man was take ton the hospital. we don't know his condition. the robber was killed. it's unclear if that episode will be included on the tv show. the state senate is expected to vote on a bill that could make california the first state to define when yes means yes while investigating sexual assaults on college campuses. an existing sexual relationship, lack of resistance or silence would not be considered consent. consent can also not be granted if the person is incapacitated. advocates see the change as one that would provide consistency on campuses across the state. >> i'm really hoping the increased student awareness continues to be just a normal part of the college experience. >> sot critics -- some say the critics bill is over reaching and sends them into unfamiliar
5:45 am
legal waters. a 19-year-old man is behind bars accused of sexual assault. and police say there may be more victims. andrew knight was taken into custody after a woman found him in her home with her 14-year- old daughter. his facebook page has mar than 3,000 friends. many of them young girls. police believe knight and the 14-year-old had conversations on social media. louisiana governor bobby jindal will file a federal lawsuit against the obama administration. accusing it of using grant money to force states to adopt the common core education standards. the governor calls it the latest effort by big government to strip away state rights and puts washington, d.c. in control of everything. u.s. department of education has used the $4.3 billion grant program to encolonel states to
5:46 am
develop the common core. as if heading to work on monday morning wasn't tough enough. this is what the highway in fairfax county looked like after a bad lane striping job. that is an under statement. that is pretty bad. the mishap occurred after crews laid down temporary tape and then the tape peeled up and jumbled up the lanes. after the monday morning commute a contractor was brought in to straighten everything out. literally. [ laughter ] oh gosh. >> they would have never have done that if they knew sal was watching. >> sal would have caught it before drivers headed out there. >> you guys are giving me too much credit here, but you know what, i will take it good morning, everybody. steve and i have not been the fog brothers for awhile because there has not been a lot of
5:47 am
fog. if you look at my traffic pictures it's nice and clear but the traffic is getting slow on 80 westbound approaching the toll plaza. already the meeterring lights are on. also looking at 880 in oakland traffic here in both directions looks good. northbound 880 at davis street there is an injury accident off to the side that could be causing a little slow traffic in the area. speaking of steve here he is. sal it's 106-miles to chicago. we've got a full tank of gas. >> exactly. >> i'm trying to show you hurricane marie here might give us some higher clouds by the weekend. might. i will show you why in a second. it's running into colder weather. there is some fog but there is not a lot. it looks to be more marin county and sonoma county and san francisco north. there is our low. give it credit. cool us down monday. since monday temperatures have
5:48 am
been on the way up. some remains of maria and moves into the colder water. for southern california first maybe for us by weekend. maybe. there were hints it might produce rain about three or four days ago. the forecast models have backed off on that. a few 50s but a lot more 60s. the lows are two to three degrees warmer. some of the higher elevations have really warmed up. mid 60s yesterday. 57 fremont. 58 saratoga. 55 gilroy. so a little cool for some. amazingly warm though. this is not el nino there has been a persistent south breeze. monterey and half-moon bay are 65 degrees. there is marie it's starting to weaken rapidly. by tomorrow it will move into colder water as well and
5:49 am
completely fall apart. some is of the high cloud deck could paint a high cloud ban over us by the weekend. until then it's the strong south swell. especially toward san diego and l.a.. 42 up in tahoe. 59 reno. sunny and warmer. patchy fog. upper 80s to near 90s for some. a little bit below average where we were below. santa rosa is 84. san francisco, oakland that is a little above for this time of year. warmer weather will take us into today. still mild to warm but a little cooler by sunday. new investments in snap chat indicate the messaging service can be much more valuable than previous estimates. the wall street journal reports the messaging app has raised enough money to put the total
5:50 am
value at $10 billion. last year facebook offered to buy the company for $3 billion. american airlines says stop listing its flights on the u.s. travel site. that is because the airlines are in a long running dispute over the fees orbitz charges for those listening. and outrage is building over burger king's plan to buy a canadian doughnut chain. the move would likely move big tax savings for burger king. other companies have done that. burger king is having more of a problem than others. it is a well known consumer brand. is starting a watchdog. an off duty chp officer in the right place at the right time. coming up how he saved the life of a five-year-old boy at a grocery store on the peninsula. >> but first the chemical scare in hayward. the items found behind a building that pose possible health issues for hundreds of
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welcome back to the morning news. time is 5:43. sunday's 6.0 quake in napa has created a booming business for chimney inspectors. chimneys often cause the most damage to a home when a big quake hits. many homeowners in the napa area are hiring inspectors to
5:54 am
check their chimneys. ktvu news went to one couple's home. they paid about $100 to have an inspector take a look at their quake damage chimney. he came with a special digital camera. >> now with a closer camera, i can now get really close and look at the mortar joints. >> what are you looking for? >> cracked flew tiles. >> that expert later told the couple their chimney was badly damaged in a quake and should replace it as quickly as possible. there have been more than 80 aftershocks. the strongest aftershocks a magnitude 3.9. it happened yesterday morning. they all register on a map at usgs headquarters in menlo park. >> please shelter in place.
5:55 am
please close all windows. >> that automatic call went out to every business and home within a mile of contractors chemical incorporated on depot road. smoke was pouring from two barrels behind the chemical company and many people reported the strong odor made them feel sick. >> and there was a report of some people feeling nauseous, light headed, dizziness. >> it took three hours before they could determine the fumes were not toxic. the company may be forced to call in an outside crew to clean up the barrels and chemicals that caused the problem. brush fire happened about 4e 4:00 yesterday afternoon. investigators say this is the same area where several suspicious fires were set off earlier this summer. anyone with information is asked to call police. big delays yesterday evening for thousands of bart riders at the height of the evening commute.
5:56 am
we will tell you if bart is back on track in the east bay. >> also the big quake in napa has left hundreds of people high and dry. >> good morning. we are looking at 237 as you cross 880. it looks good. it's still a little bit slow in some areas but it's over all a good drive into sunnyvale. >> and weather looks good if you like warmer temps temperatures today will be a little above average. i will show you those. ♪
5:57 am
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all trains on the pittsburg bart line are back on track. >> schools in napa have been used as dumping sites for earthquake debris but today students are due to go back to class. the cleanup that still needs to be done as they get ready to ring the first bell. >> it was gushing. it was pouring down all sides. it was quite the river. >> a big mess in san francisco in a neighborhood. what crews had to do to fix a broken pipe and what people living nearby did to salvage some of that water.
5:59 am
good morning. we are live at the pleasant hill bart station. full bart service has been restored after a problem on the damage track that effected service during the evening commute. tara moriarty has been following the story since 4:30 this morning. she'll have more on the over night repairs and a look at the morning commute. good morning. it is wednesday, august 27th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, you're not in a fog over there. >> no, i'm not. 82 santa rosa. 84 kentfield. concord 85. 84 palo alto. san francisco starting off at a very warm 62. we will go 68 at noon. that is there three degrees above average for this time of
6:00 am
year. there is some fog there but nothing compared to what we had 24-48 hours ago. for us fog will burn off sooner. lows 50s and 60s. a lot more 60s today than we had yesterday. that is for sure. some of that fog trying to make a push down the san mateo coast. near 90 well inland. upper 80s for some. mid 80s for others but a lot of 70s near the bay. we are looking at commute where traffic is moving along nicely in some areas. on the east shore freeway it's a nice drive. taking 18 minutes. average speed almost 65 miles an hour. it's exactly the way we like it. but things may change. we will keep an eye on it obviously. bay bridge toll plaza is filled in. we have a backup of about 25 minutes from mccarthur maze to the metering -- i'm sorry. from the mccarthur maze to the san francisco


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